You know I love meal planning, meal prepping, and making mealtime as simple and easy as possible. When I take a couple minutes to plan out our meals, it pays off all week long. I’ve talked about Tiffany from Eat at Home here on the blog before and I thought you might enjoy her amazing subscription – Eat at Home. 

Eat at Home offers:

    1. A way to save time planning and making dinner – you get all the grocery lists and recipes done for you!
    2. You won’t have to worry about fitting dinner into your day – your membership includes 15 minute meals, slow cooker recipes, Instant Pot recipes and more.
    3. You also get a new freezer plan each month, designed to get 6 meals done in just 1 hour of prep. (My favorite feature!)

Eat at Home offers Weekly Meal Plans in Traditional, Wholesome Traditional, Slow Cooker/Instant Pot and No Flour/No Sugar. You can even choose the size that’s right for your family.

If this is something that might help you and your family, the Eat at Home Service is on flash sale through October 17th – don’t miss it!

Sale dates: October 15-17
Discount Code: FALL
Discount: 30% off on Annual plans only

Check it out here and make sure you use the code FALL for your 30% discount!