January 18, 2011

Photo Album Storage

Hi Idea Room readers! It’s Becky, Clean Mama, and I’m back today with another Organizational Tip to help you organize your home. If you have a clutter spot or recurring clutter, think about grouping “like” items (like bills and mail, photos, scrapbooking, sewing, or craft supplies) together in a designated area.
I took an antique commode that was holding miscellaneous papers and turned it into photo album storage. Here’s what I did:
empty all contents
sort (keep, toss, give away)
lined the cabinet and drawer with scrapbook paper
I used wrapping paper and made a template to line the drawer and cupboard
I grouped the photo albums together in the cabinet
the drawer is for holding photos that need to be put in the albums
I love this solution because all the photo albums are in one place, accessible and I can add photos to the albums easily.
Do you have a clutter spot that could benefit from some grouping of like items?

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