For me, with two littles, and a busy life, I need to do a little bit of cleaning every day to keep up with the dirt and laundry. Some weeks are crazy and I fall behind on my cleaning, some weeks everything appears to be under control. On those days and weeks where I might be a day behind or a couple days behind, but it adds up and I need to take a some time to catch up on the daily grime. Or, someone’s coming over unexpectedly and the house is a mess. I have a little list of things that I do when I need to stay focused and clean up in a hurry. If you don’t like to clean every day this might be a great quick clean list for you to clean the major areas of your home on one day of the week.
This is what I do:
  • quick declutter (if someone is coming over unexpectedly, some things might need to be stashed in a cupboard or closet – I use a container of some sort – an empty laundry basket or smaller basket – so it’s easy to put away later)
  • dust with a dusting mitt or microfiber cloth 
  • wipe down windows and doors (where needed)
  • clean bathroom mirrors (where needed)
  • sweep hard surfaces
  • wash hard floors – depending on how much time I have available, this might be a spot clean
  • vacuum carpets
  • wipe kitchen counters
  • wipe down bathrooms
  • clean toilets
  • change kitchen towels
  • change bathroom towels
  • fluff sofa pillows
By cleaning and tidying these areas, your home will be clean in about an hour – a quick clean!

Here’s a Quick Clean Checklist for your home binder or fridge (the printable has two checklists to a page) – there’s nothing like checking off a list to give you that nice feeling of accomplishment.

Thanks for having my Steph! Enjoy and happy cleaning!