Today, I’d like to share 5 things that I do everyday that I think  make homekeeping easier and more enjoyable. They are five habits that are easy to make, but it takes consistency and a committment to actually keep them. If you’ve seen my dockets and planners, the first four things are done every day in my home. We’ll be doing these things every day for the month of January for my blog event. It’s up to you how you want to implement them in your home, but that’s part of what January is about – making a cleaning routine fit into your life and become part of what you do.
  1. Laundry – do at least one load a day. When laundry is done every day, the loads are smaller and more manageable – no more mountains of laundry.
  2. Clutter – I do a quick de-clutter every day. This usually consists of opening mail, filing bills, and a couple quick counter clean ups. The kids do a quick toy clean up (with some help and reminding) a couple times a day.
  3.  Counters – wipe down counters. The kitchen counters get wiped down as needed after meals and dishes are put in the dishwasher. No dishes piled up on the counters (most of the time) really helps the overall cleaned up look of the kitchen. I also wipe down bathroom counters as needed during the week.
  4. Sweep Floors – as needed, usually after meals, I do a quick sweep of the kitchen floor. Sometimes the kids do this with a little hand broom for me, other times we get out the big broom and dust pan. This keeps the floors clean during the week and in between weekly vacuuming and floor washing.
  5. Write it down/Keep track of what you need to do and what has been done – Don’t underestimate the power of a to do list! Whether you are writing things down in a simple notebook or if you’ve created a homekeeping binder, keeping track of your household tasks is a great way to see what you’ve already accomplished and what you need to do next. Looking to create a homekeeping binder? You can check out my Clean Mama Printables shop, The Starter Kit is a great tool to help you with your homekeeping.
How about a little subway art for cleaning and organizing inspiration? Here’s a freebie printable for you – put it on your ‘fridge, behind glass, use it as your desktop pattern….

 Happy Clean and Organized New Year!