I am thrilled to be able to introduce you to the *new* 2021 Homekeeping Planner® with TWO cover styles and a brand-new weekly format with each week on two pages. This means there’s more room for your lists, tasks, and menu planning.

Go from overwhelmed and frazzled to calm and controlled. When so much feels out of control, the Homekeeping Planner® and the Clean Mama Routine will help you put a plan in place for your days. The Clean Mama Routine is a simple system that helps you keep your home clean and guest ready in minutes a day. You’ll find the gentle reminders throughout the Homekeeping Planner® to guide you.

My favorite part of the Clean Mama Homekeeping Planner® is that it’s undated. You can start the day it arrives or wait until January 1 – start ANY DAY, start TODAY! For the first time, there are TWO COVERS to choose from – CLASSIC WHITE and CITRUS. Both have the same darling citrus pattern throughout.

This is a PRE-ORDER – order now for delivery starting October 21st. All orders are shipped in the order they are received. 

Why would you want to pre-order?

  • All U.S. Homekeeping Planner® orders ship for free with the coupon code: PREORDER
  • All planner pre-orders get a coupon code for 15% off their entire order for the Fall Launch in October – this includes new notebooks and the new Weekly Wall Calendar (these will not be available until the Fall Launch)
  • Guarantee your 2021 Homekeeping Planner® – these will sell out!

The Clean Mama HOMEKEEPING Planner® is a simple, undated planner for keeping track of cleaning, organizing, and everyday tasks. Tired of feeling overwhelmed with all that there is to do? The Homekeeping Planner® takes the guesswork out of the dailies and gives you a framework for a clean home with plenty of space for planning your day. No need to purchase a separate planner, you can keep track of it ALL in this simple, easy to follow guide.

Still have questions? I’ll be popping on Instagram to answer your Homekeeping Planner® questions and to do a live – follow along here!

I am so excited to share the new weekly format: Each month includes 10 weekly pages (each week has 2 pages) with Clean Mama’s Daily and Weekly Tasks, space for your own to-dos, and space for meals.

Curious about the details?  

with binding: 9.25″ x 8″ x 3/4″ 
pages: 9″ x 7″
weight: 14 ounces


  • TWO COVERS to choose from – CLASSIC WHITE and CITRUS
  • bright white 100 gsm paper
  • silver corner protectors
  • darling citrus pattern throughout both cover styles
  • silver wire-o binding
  • 13 aqua coated tabs to divide each month – Home Icon tab at the back of the planner before the Homekeeping Section
  • back pocket with citrus print
  • sticker page with months for labeling calendar and tabs


  • Welcome Page
  • NEW: Quick Start Guide – find a full explanation of the Clean Mama Routine (Daily Tasks, Weekly Tasks, Rotating Tasks, and Monthly Focus) and webpage links to help you get started!
  • 2021 and 2022 overview calendars
  • 12 Blank Month on Two Pages Calendars (Sunday start) – at the beginning of each month
  • NEW: each month includes 10 weekly pages (each week has 2 pages) with Clean Mama’s Daily and Weekly Tasks, space for your own to-dos, and space for meals
  • NEW: Monthly Checklist at the end of each month
  • NEW: Rotating Tasks + Monthly Focus checklists on the same page by month in the Home section at the back of the Homekeeping Planner®
  • This Month pages at the beginning of each month for important dates and goals
  • Lined Notes Page at the end of each month
  • TOTAL: 220 pages + 13 tab pages and 1 sticker page


You can find additional pictured stickers and notepads here.