TODAY IS THE DAY!  The 2023 Homekeeping Planner® and the new Quarterly Daily Planner are officially available for pre-order! I am thrilled to be able to introduce you to the *new* 2023 Homekeeping Planner® with THREE cover styles and a brand-new weekly format with each week on two mirrored pages. This means there’s more room for your lists and tasks and no binding in the way of your writing!

The Clean Mama Routine is a simple system that helps you keep your home clean and guest ready in minutes a day. You’ll find the gentle reminders throughout the Homekeeping Planner® to guide you. The Homekeeping Planner will tell you what to do and when but comes undated so you can start at any time. Contains blank space so it can be your all-in-one planner, not just cleaning!  You’ll find the complete Clean Mama Routine included PLUS *new* seasonal and quick cleaning checklists too!

The Homekeeping Planner® is undated – you can start ANYTIME!  There is a new interior layout with the week on two pages format – more room for tasks and to-dos. Follow along on Instagram for more sneak-peeks!

Why would you want to pre-order?

  • Choose from 3 cover designs – secure your favorite cover – the covers will sell out
  • Pre-order discount through June 17th unless they sell out first!
  • AfterPay is available at checkout for 4 interest free payments if you’re interested!
  • Email updates on shipping and delivery
  • Get an additional thank you coupon code for July – lots of new products coming in!

Pre-orders ship the first week of July. If you pre-order you’ll get a discount on the Homekeeping Planner AND an exclusive coupon code to use before the launch of the entire new collection coming later this summer. You’ll also get updates on the shipping status as the pre-order gets closer to shipping.

Here are the THREE covers and a peek at each interior…..

There are oodles of new products coming this fall that I cannot wait to share with you!  Head to this page to see all three planners on one page (keep an eye on this page for more images and a walk-through) and choose your pre-order. You’ll receive email updates on shipping and know exactly where you are at in the order process. 

The Clean Mama HOMEKEEPING Planner® is a simple, undated planner for keeping track of cleaning, organizing, and everyday tasks. Tired of feeling overwhelmed with all that there is to do? The Homekeeping Planner® takes the guesswork out of the dailies and gives you a framework for a clean home with plenty of space for planning your day. No need to purchase a separate planner, you can keep track of it ALL in this simple, easy to follow guide.

Still have questions? I’ll be popping on Instagram this week to answer your Homekeeping Planner® questions – follow along here!

I am so excited to share the new weekly format: Each month includes 10 weekly pages (each week has 2 pages) with Clean Mama’s Daily and Weekly Tasks, 10 spots/day for your own to-dos, a little home icon each day where you can fill in Rotating and Monthly Focus Tasks or any other home task, and space for meals.

Curious about the details?  

with binding: 9.25″ x 8″ x 3/4″ 
pages: 9″ x 7″
weight: 14 ounces


  • THREE COVERS to choose from – CLASSIC, CLEANING ICONS, and MODERN PLANTS. There are 2 different interior patterns but all three have the same *new* weekly layout.
  • bright white 100 gsm paper
  • silver corner protectors
  • darling patterns throughout all cover styles
  • silver wire-o binding
  • 13 aqua coated tabs to divide each month – Home Icon tab at the back of the planner before the Homekeeping Section
  • back pocket with pattern of the planner
  • sticker page with months for labeling calendar and tabs


  • Welcome Page
  • Quick Start Guide – find a full explanation of the Clean Mama Routine (Daily Tasks, Weekly Tasks, Rotating Tasks, and Monthly Focus) with webpage links to help you get started!
  • 2023 and 2024 overview calendars
  • Each month includes a ‘This Month’ page with Important Dates to Remember, Goals for the Month, and (new) a spot for a One Day Declutter Date
  • 12 Blank Month on Two Pages Calendars (Sunday start) – at the beginning of each month
  • NEW AND IMPROVED! Each month includes 10 weekly pages (each week has 2 pages) with Clean Mama’s Daily and Weekly Tasks plus a Home Task space on each day, 10 spaces for your own to-dos, and a space on each day for meals
  • Monthly Checklist at the end of each month
  • Rotating Tasks + Monthly Focus checklists on the same page by month in the Home section at the back of the Homekeeping Planner®
  • Seasonal + (new) Quick Cleaning Checklists (bathrooms, kitchen appliances, whole house, kitchen)
  • TOTAL: 252 pages + 13 tab pages and 1 sticker page


Ready for a SURPRISE?! In addition to the new Homekeeping Planners, I also have a new product that you’ve been asking for….

The Clean Mama QUARTERLY DAILY PLANNER! This is brand-new and limited in quantity – if you’re interested you’ll definitely want to pre-order! What is the Quarterly Daily Planner? A seasonal approach to cleaning with a daily planner mindset. Different and refreshingly holistic. Manage your routines daily and seasonally with Clean Mama’s Quarterly Daily Planner. Purchase a quarter at a time OR grab all 4 quarters at a discount. Pre-order discount through June 17th unless they sell out first!

What does the Quarterly Daily Planner include? You can purchase these individually OR the entire set at a discount!

  • Quick Start Guide – find a full explanation of the Clean Mama Routine (Daily Tasks, Weekly Tasks with a Seasonal Approach to the Rotating Tasks and Monthly Focus)
  • Each month includes: Important Dates and Goals, Undated Monthly Calendar, Daily Tasks, Quick Tips on every other daily page, Monthly Review
  • Seasonal Focus – Quarterly To-Do’s, Seasonal Cleaning Checklist, Deep Cleaning & Organizing Checklist, DIY Cleaning Recipes and Essential Oil Blends, Quarterly Review, Notes pages —> This includes the Clean Mama Rotating Tasks and Monthly Focus but in a quarterly format. January – March is Declutter + Deep Clean, April – June is Bathrooms, Storage, + Bedrooms, etc.
  • January – March: Beige Cover with cherry blossom pattern throughout
  • April – June: Aqua Cover with floral pattern throughout
  • July – September: Teal Cover with maple leaf pattern throughout
  • October – December: Charcoal Cover with pine bough pattern throughout
  • 128 pages
  • Soft, sturdy cover with rounded corners and glued binding
  • bright white 100 gsm paper, aqua, green, black interior printing

Pre-Order the Quarterly Daily Planners here!