One of my favorite ways to make summer easy and breezy is to prep ahead food and to make marinades. I combine these two loves and I’m left with prep and freeze ahead marinades. Today I’m going to show you two easy ways that you can prep ahead some chicken for summer when all you want to do is throw some chicken on the grill.

Think about what kinds of summer meals you want to make and plan your marinades around that. I love this Fresh Herb Chicken Marinade and use it in salads and plain – the marinade liquid can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week. It can be used to marinade veggies, chicken, pork, and beef. I like to combine tasks, so I also prepped a Mexican marinade and took the easy way out with a bottle of Chimichurri. We eat a lot of fajitas and quesadillas in the summer so this bottle of Chimichurri marinade is perfect! You could marinade with barbecue sauce, oil and vinegar based dressing, teriyaki sauce…..

Here’s the simple how-to:

gather ingredients and label freezer bags

use a kitchen shears to cut chicken into tenderloins (smaller pieces = shorter cook times)

Mix marinade in an easy-to-pour container

This is one of my favorite Easy Breezy Summer ideas! You can go here to grab the recipe!