Cleaning + Organizing the Entryway for the Holidays - Quick Tips You Can Use Today via Clean Mama

The holidays are coming and now is a great time to prepare the entryway for the holidays. Whether it’s just welcoming neighbors in for trick-or-treating or hosting a holiday with family and friends, there are a couple things you can do now to get your entryway ready for the holidays.


  • CLEAN IT UP: sweep the outside entry area first and shake out any rugs. Then start on the inside by cleaning the rug or carpet at the door, wipe down the front door, clean windows, vacuum and wash the floor, and tidy up your coat closet if you have one.
    Organized Entryway via Clean Mama
  • ADD STORAGE: make sure you have a place to hang coats – add hangers and a coat rack if necessary.
  • CONTAIN: baskets and bins are great for storing items in a coat closet – take inventory and add baskets if necessary.
    Entryway Closet Organization via Clean Mama
  • GARMENT KIT: put together a kit for clothing and shoe care – perfect for any guest mishaps and it’s accessible for you as well. I like to always have a couple lint rollers and sweater shavers on hand too. Lint rollers aren’t just for clothing – I use them to dust lampshades and they work great on furniture as well.

Put Together a Basket with Fabric and Shoe Care Items via Clean Mama

  • SLIPPERS + SOCKS: have slippers and socks for guests to slip on – this will nicely ask your guests to remove shoes (without asking) and make them feel right at home at the same time. I store this in my coat closet and pull it down when necessary before guests arrive. (Slippers are from Target 🙂 )
    Put Out Slippers for Guests via Clean Mama