This holiday season let’s slow down, savor the season and remember what we did and why we did it when we reflect on this year, shall we? I’m really excited about this Simply Cozy series because a.) I love the holiday season and b.) I hate coming to December 26th with regrets. This season will be cozy, simple, and memorable. And it might just stretch into January a little bit. First things first, let’s make a list of all the musts, maybes, and nos. This isn’t a list about saying no to all the fun things, it’s a list about saying yes to the best things and letting some things go for the sake of simplicity. I created a little prioritizing checklist for you and me. I thought about making it more holiday themed but for the sake of simple and cozy, I’m guessing you might want to use it at a different time of the year too. Slowing down isn’t just for the holiday season, sometimes it’s for other seasons too.

Prioritizing To Do LIst

You’ll see that there are columns for MUSTS, MAYBES and NO – use it how it works for you. For me, I have little musts in my head and there are some maybes too. Only a handful of no’s but I’m intentional and realistic about my yes’s and no’s. Here’s the list I started….


Go here to download your list and get started on prioritizing your Simply Cozy season.

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