Meal Planning for me is essential to running a smooth household. I’ve done meal planning the “fly by the seat of my pants” way and the “pick up something on the way home” way and I can guarantee that if you spend a little time when you have it, it’ll be time well spent. I know that everyone’s  schedule and needs are different, but thinking and planning ahead is the key. If you are able to buy a huge bag of onions, instead of waiting to use each and every onion as you need it, prep it ahead and freeze them. That fifteen minutes it took to dice up those onions will be appreciated on a busy night when you are trying to throw dinner together. So far this month, I’ve shared a couple favorite meals and talked favorite family meals and dividing them up into types of meals – Winner Dinners and 30 Minute Meals.

But…….before we go any further and get into the nitty-gritty of meal planning, I want to encourage you to start prepping a few things that will make your meal planning and preparation even easier. So today’s “assignment” is to pick 3-5 things (more if you’re feeling really ambitious) that you can do this week to stock your freezer.

Here are a couple posts to help you get started:
It’s always helpful to remember these guidelines when you’re prepping and freezing food ahead:

  • use zip top bags and freezer safe storage containers (BPA free)
  • label, label, label (make sure you date your items – month and year is fine – 9/2010)
  • squeeze excess air from bags
  • wrap meats in freezer paper or waxed paper

And a nifty little printable to use as a guide for this week and the future as you do your meal planning – you can go here to snag one (or email me if you’d prefer):