If you ever have a spot that’s stinky and need a quick fix, one of my favorite solutions is to put a couple drops of essential oil on a cotton ball or cotton pad, let it dry, and tuck it into that spot.
If you have small kids or pets, make sure that the cotton pad or ball isn’t accessible to them.

Essential Oils

Where would this work?

  • dresser drawer
  • vacuum cleaner bag or canister
  • stuffy closet
  • stinky shoes
  • gym bag
  • smelly car – put it under the seat
  • under furniture or under a cushion
  • garbage bin
  • diaper pail

Do you have a stinky space that this would work in? Tell us in the comments!  Check out this post with 5 Things You Can Do To Make (and Keep!) Your Home Smelling Good.