If you use paper as the way you plan your life and keep track of all the things, you need to organize your paper system. This will streamline your day and encourage you to use the paper products – the reason you bought them in the first place!

Think of what you use on a daily basis and then put those items together in an easy to access place. This can be a basket or bin, a box, a file sorter, or anything that makes sense for your space. I went through my paper system for 2024 and thought you might like to see what I keep handy for daily/weekly use.

I set up my Homekeeping Planner and went through 2023 paperwork (this is also part of the Monthly Focus for December – you can find the Monthly Focus in the Homekeeping Planner and the Homekeeping Society subscription).

I keep this system in my office and have been using it for three years – it’s super simple, but it works for me!  I bought this file sorter for my Homekeeping Planner and Homekeeping Binder, notepads and notebooks. Instead of having these things propped up on my desk or in a drawer, this system keeps them where I use them and keeps them at the ready. You can find all of the pictured paper goods here in my shop.

Have you gone through your 2023 paper system and decided what you’ll keep doing for 2024? Take a couple minutes today and make sure you’re ready for the new year – your 2024 self will thank you!