Office Cord Storage via Clean Mama

I’ve been re-working my office over the past month to simplify and make it more efficient. Before I do a “big reveal” of the whole space, I’ll be sharing a couple helpful cleaning and organizing tips with you in the space. Today I have a quick tip that involves cord storage. Aren’t cords annoying? They get all tangled and bunched up and they just scream clutter. I love this simple solution to keep the cords and components out of sight…

Use a basket with handles to hide cords and components via Clean Mama

I purchased a new desk with an open front knowing that part of this space would be where I’d house the computer modem and wifi system. So instead of being jammed behind the desk, the cords and gear are all neatly tucked away in a basket (it’s this one from Target). Something you might want to consider if you want to do a little cord storage like this, is to find a basket or bin with cut out handles. That way the cords can fit through the handle on the back side and no one will ever know you have your cords stashed in the basket. The cords go through the handle and out the cut out in the back of the desk.

It’s a great, simple solution to a major office annoyance, don’t you think? Am I the only one that is annoyed by cords?