Quick Menu Planning Tip - Salad on Mondays - Clean Mama

Today I have a quick menu planning tip that I’ve been implementing for probably close to a year. It’s nothing revolutionary, but it saves me time in the kitchen, uses up leftovers, and is a really simple way to get a quick supper on the table.

Salad on Mondays

The concept is simple – use up leftovers from the weekend, make a healthy salad for supper, and it’s quick and easy.

Here’s what I always use:

  • salad mix – pre-washed or this blend
  • grilled leftovers – use up that lone chicken breast or steak leftover from the weekend
  • veggies – tomatoes, avocados, cucumbers, grilled corn, mushrooms….
  • cheese – I either grate some or use up leftovers from the weekend (sliced, crumbled, shredded)

And then if any of these items are in the refrigerator, they get chopped up and get tossed in too:

  • lunch meat – if there’s any in the fridge I slice it up and toss it in
  • hard-boiled eggs
  • bacon

Add dressing – I either make a quick oil and vinegar or use a favorite ranch dressing.

That’s it! This concept could be used any night of the week – give it a whirl, dinner on the table in under 10 minutes on a Monday night is a big win in our house!

What if you have littles that won’t eat salad?

Put the components on a plate (minus the lettuce) and give them a little bit of dressing to dip the salad fixings in – easy peasy and a bit of a novelty so kids like it 🙂