The Lazy Susan is quite possibly my favorite organizing and decluttering tool. With so many options on the market, you can use a lazy Susan in just about every cabinet, cupboard, and surface. It cuts clutter by containing your supplies in one place and keeping them intact. You can also get more items in a smaller space, helping to create clutter-free storage. Check out some of the ways I use Lazy Susans – you’ll find all my favorites linked at the bottom of the post!

The first lazy Susan isn’t necessarily a lazy Susan itself BUT it will make your kitchen corner lazy Susan into a rockstar. You can get these acrylic containers in different sizes – I use it for food storage lids.

Under the kitchen sink can turn into a black hole but with a lazy Susan you can put your cleaning supplies on it and access them with a quick turn. I love this solution here!

I keep two lazy Susans in our pantry – one for baking supplies like specialty flours, chocolate bars, sweeteners, corn starch, baking powder, etc. Separating these supplies out keeps things neat and tidy and uncluttered.

On the same shelf of the pantry I keep the cooking supplies like oils, vinegars, and sauces. Easy to access and any drips stay on the lazy Susan and off my shelves.

I also keep lazy Susans in the spice cabinet – this is where I keep more baking supplies that are used regularly. The smaller turntable stores baking powder and soda, cream of tartar, and other baking goods.

The larger turntable holds baking spices and extracts and muffin liners. I keep these separate from the cooking spices shown below on the tiered organizers.

And of course you can use lazy Susans other places throughout your home to combat clutter – here’s one that I have in my bathroom cupboard. It’s divided and keeps my hair care supplies neat and tidy.

And I use them in our cleaning closet too – the uses are endless!

How about you? Do you love the lazy Susan too? Where do you use them? What’s your favorite use for them?