The easiest laundry tip? Everyone gets their own laundry basket. This is something that I’ve been doing since we had one baby and with each kid it’s proved to be a simple and easy way to keep laundry automatically separated and a little easier to manage.

Here’s how this works in real life: 

Every kid has their own laundry basket that’s stored in their closet. If the kids shared a room and a closet, they would still have their own basket.

  • Don’t separate the kids’ clothes into whites and darks,
  • Toss it all in the wash on warm/cold. I’ve never had any issues with color transfer with this method.
  • All three kids are now able to fold their own clothes and put them away – this is extremely helpful!

Quick Tip: If you haven’t already gotten your kids on board with doing their own laundry, the summer can be a great time to teach them this life skill!

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