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I love having a mudroom. Shoes and boots come off at the door and the room is used for what it is intended – containing the mud. If you have a mud or utility room you know that it serves a great purpose, but like everything else, needs a little organization to keep it running smoothly. Our mudroom will undergo a couple minor changes later this year, but for now here are a couple organizing tricks I use. As you’ll see this really is a cleaning closet…

mudroom organization - clean mama

I hang cleaners that I don’t use all the time on the wire shelving to keep it out of my cleaning bucket, but still handy. Label, label – it makes everything look better and I know what’s in the containers above my head. I love using ‘s’ hooks to hang tools, mops, and brooms.

use 's' hooks to hang tools - Clean Mama

Not sure what an ‘s’ hook is? They are about 3o cents each and you can find them at any hardware store in a variety of sizes.

put floor pads in a bucket 'to be washed' - Clean Mama

I keep a bucket in the closet for floor pads to be washed and wash them every week or so.

I printed and laminated these labels. Then I cut them out and attached them with double-stick velcro. It’s a great solution – that way I can change the labels around if I want to.

Want to make some mudroom or utility room labels too? Here’s a free printable label set for you!

Mudroom Labels - Clean Mama

Go here to download – print, cut, label!

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