Quick Ways to Organize a Laundry Room via Clean Mama

If you do laundry daily (like me) you spend a fair amount of time in and out of your laundry room/basement/laundry closet. It is so much easier and more enjoyable to have an organized laundry room – so for this week’s organizing task we’re going to organize the LAUNDRY ROOM.

Take a couple minutes to wipe down the exterior of your washer and dryer with your favorite cleaner to get the lint and dust off your machines. Vacuum under and around the machines if you have the time. Then take a peek at your space and look for ways to make this space more efficient, organized, and user-friendly.

  • Remove any non-laundry or unnecessary items. If your laundry room has become a dumping ground for non-laundry items, put them where they belong.
  • Group cleaning supplies in a cleaning caddy or bin. Keeping these items in a designated caddy will help to keep your space more organized. If you can put cleaning supplies that aren’t laundry related in a different space, take the time to do that this week.
  • Create a laundry room ‘stray’ basket or container for lone socks, pocket change, and other miscellaneous items. Just make sure that you find the real spot for these items so it doesn’t turn into a junk basket.
  • Short on storage? Use the top of your washer and dryer for storage. (Just keep anything breakable off your washer and dryer so the spin cycle doesn’t send anything flying.)
  • Group like items together – washing products together, stain treatment products together, softening products together, etc. Organizing always works better when items are grouped together.
  • Take powders out of boxes and put them in clear containers for a more decorative and uniform look.
  • Add labels if you’d like – take a couple minutes to add this finishing touch to your laundry room – you might know what that white powder is, but other people using the laundry room might not.

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