Baseboards are one of those often-overlooked areas in our homes that can accumulate dust, dirt, and grime over time. Keeping them clean can be a bit of a challenge, and the reason that it’s one of the Rotating Tasks in the Clean Mama Routine (we vacuum or wash baseboards monthly). When I saw baseboard cleaners enter the market a few years ago I found that they were more of a hassle to use than a help. A few months ago I spotted a different type of baseboard cleaner and I grabbed it to test and see if it’s worth it. I’ll admit that I was overly hopeful that it would work because how great would a baseboard cleaner be? Today, we’re going to take a closer look at a baseboard cleaner  that claims to make cleaning baseboards a breeze and really does!

Introducing the Baseboard Cleaner: A Dual-Purpose Wonder

Intrigued by the idea of simplifying this chore, I decided to give it a try. After a few weeks of testing, I’m excited to share my thoughts on this dual-purpose wonder.

Baseboard Cleaner

Design and Build

The baseboard cleaner I tried was a well-designed, handheld tool. It features a telescopic handle that allows me to adjust the length for comfortable use. The cleaning head is adjustable and can be changed to custom fit your baseboards. It comes with 2 different types of pads – a chenille pad for dusting and a microfiber pad for washing. 

Dusting Performance

One of the primary functions of this baseboard cleaner is to dust. The chenille pad  attracts and traps dust effectively. It easily picks up dust, pet hair, and even some cobwebs that had accumulated along my baseboards. The flexible head also allowed me to reach into corners and tight spaces effortlessly – this is perfect for behind furniture!

Baseboard Cleaner

Washing Performance

The microfiber pads are for washing baseboards. I was initially skeptical about how well this would work, as baseboards can often have stubborn stains and scuff marks. To my surprise, it did an excellent job of removing dirt and stains. I used it with a drop of castile soap, and it effectively cleaned the baseboards without much effort. The microfiber pad was gentle enough not to damage the paint or finish on the baseboards.

Ease of Use

One of the standout features of this baseboard cleaner is its ease of use. The telescopic handle made it easy to adjust the length to reach different areas of my baseboards without bending or straining. The swiveling head allowed me to maneuver around furniture and obstacles with ease. Plus, it was lightweight, which made extended cleaning sessions less tiring.

Final Verdict

After weeks of using this baseboard cleaner, I can confidently say that it lives up to its claims. It effectively dusted and washed my baseboards, saving me time and effort. It’s a versatile tool that can make an otherwise tedious chore surprisingly enjoyable. If you’ve been wondering if baseboard cleaners work, this one certainly does!

Tips for Using a Baseboard Cleaner:

  • Preparation: Before using the cleaner, remove any loose debris or obstacles from the area to make the cleaning process more efficient.
  • Cleaning Solution: Use a mild cleaning solution or a mixture of water and vinegar for washing to ensure a thorough yet safe clean.
  • Regular Maintenance: To keep your baseboards looking pristine, consider using the cleaner regularly, especially in high-traffic areas.

Baseboard cleaners are a valuable addition to your cleaning arsenal, especially if you want to maintain clean and dust-free baseboards effortlessly. The product I tested not only worked effectively but also came with two different types of cleaning pads—a chenille pad for dusting and a microfiber pad for washing, making it even more versatile. If you’re looking for a way to simplify your cleaning routine and keep your baseboards looking their best, give a baseboard cleaner a try – you won’t be disappointed!