Cleaning can be a tiresome task, especially when dealing with stubborn stains and grime. Is it necessary to use a different tool for dirt and grime? No but there are some technological advancements that have brought numerous cleaning tools to make our lives easier. One such innovation is the electric-powered scrub brush. But the question lingers, do these brushes really work and do they make a difference?

Electric-Powered Scrub Brush

The Promise

Electric-powered scrub brushes promise to cut down cleaning time, reduce effort, and provide a deeper clean. With a range of attachments and adjustable speeds, they offer versatility for various cleaning tasks. From bathroom tiles to kitchen sinks, these brushes claim to handle it all.

I chose this one from Amazon – it was highly rated and mid-priced – perfect for a test subject.

Ease of Use

The scrub brush was easy to assemble, the instructions were lacking. I wish there was some suggestions for what each scrub head was for but I figured it out. The adjustable handles allowed for comfortable grip and reach, catering to different user heights.  I prefer it used with a shorter handle to allow for a little more control but the longer handle is great for tall showers.  Here are all the attachment heads – in my opinion, the brushes are the most helpful.


Bathroom Cleaning

The first test was on my boys’ bathroom tiles, which had seen better days. With the right attachment and a moderate speed, the electric-powered scrub brush worked wonders. Stains that previously required intense manual scrubbing were gone in seconds.


I tried this on all sorts of tile surfaces including the grout on my boys’ bathroom floors and loved how well it worked with the small scrub brush.

Kitchen Appliances

Next, I used the scrub brush on kitchen appliances like the sink, oven, and stovetop. While the scrubbing was effective, I noticed that it required a bit more pressure and time on heavily stained areas.


Cleaning the attachments was a breeze, but some brushes showed signs of wear after a few intense cleaning sessions. I cleaned the brush heads by putting it in a bucket, spraying them with hydrogen peroxide and washing/rinsing them in hot water.


Electric-powered scrub brushes save time and effort, especially on standard household surfaces. However, they might not completely replace manual scrubbing for intricate or heavily stained areas. I also found that I like a little more control with a shorter handle and manual scrubbing. If you have a shower that is difficult to clean, that is my favorite use for the electric scrub brush!


For those looking to ease their cleaning routine without expecting miracles, electric-powered scrub brushes can be a great investment. Check for models with durable attachments and suitable warranty coverage to ensure a long-lasting product.

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore, and with the right tools, it can even be satisfying. While electric-powered scrub brushes are not a one-size-fits-all solution, they do bring a refreshing change to the daily cleaning grind.