The Right Way to Load a Dishwasher via Clean Mama

In my house we all (except for the toddler) load and unload the dishwasher and it most definitely doesn’t look like this all the time but when it does, it’s so much easier. So today, I’m going to share a couple tips to loading up a dishwasher that will get your dishes cleaner and make it easier to unload and put away the dishes. Everyone’s looking for an easier and more efficient way to do things, right? (If you don’t have a dishwasher, you might want to check out this post.)

First things first, rinse the dishes – yes, the dishwasher is designed to get all the food off the dishes, but a quick rinse ensures that the dishes won’t need to be rewashed.

Stack dishes up on the counter according to type if you aren’t ready to load the dishwasher yet (i.e. you need to unload the dishwasher). This is a time saver when it comes to loading the dishwasher up because everything is all set to be placed together in the dishwasher.

Rinse Silverware in a Colander While Prepping Dishes for Dishwasher via Clean Mama

Use a small colander to rinse silverware and to keep contained after meal times. No knives down the disposal and it’s easy to put the silverware in the dishwasher basket, just bring the colander over to the dishwasher and load the silverware up.

The Right Way to  Load a Dishwasher via Clean Mama

Lower Dishwasher Rack detail via LCena Mama

Keep a standard format of glasses on top and plates and bowls on the bottom. Arranging the same glasses and plates together simplifies the putting away of the dishes – stack or group on the counter above the dishwasher and put them away.

Wash your sponges in the dishwasher nightly to keep them germ-free. (Did you know that the kitchen sponge is the dirtiest thing/place in most homes? Yikes!)  If you have a ‘sanitize’ cycle on your dishwasher use this every time you run the dishwasher to kill germs on dishes, sponges, etc.

Make sure that the arms aren’t blocked by a large pot or pan to ensure that the dishwasher is able to spray and get everything clean. It’s so annoying to open the dishwasher and realize that half of the dishes were cleaned and the other half wasn’t – take a second to double check for blockages.

Get your dishwasher started out right by running the hot water in the sink so the dishwasher starts hot. This way the water is hot from the start and can rinse and clean your dishes effectively.

The Right Way to Load a Dishwasher details  Clean Mama

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