Summer goes by so quickly – we try to soak up every special summer-y moment, but then it gives way to another favorite season – fall. Before summer’s gone and fall settles in, I try to save summer in containers by freezing and canning until I can’t can and freeze anymore. Here are a couple ways that I’ve been saving summer (you’ll find the recipes that I used linked up to the names when I could find it online, but I exclusively use the Ball Book for Preserving….
the season here was terrible, but I got some great organic California strawberries from Costco and made a few jars
peach jam

I buy peaches from a farmer’s market here in town – a farmer sells me his “B” quality  or soft peaches – I usually get about 25 pounds for $5 (and they are the best peaches ever)
frozen sliced peaches
this stuff is essential in freezing and canning peaches – it keeps them from browning
I like to sugar pack* them – I just write down how much sugar I used on the container so when I use them in a recipe I subtract that amount from the amount in the recipe

*sugar pack = wash fruit, peel, cut and/or pit and add recommended amount of sugar to fruit and stir gently. Let sit for about 10-15 minutes or until the sugar has dissolved. Then the fruit is ready to be packed in containers and frozen.

canned half peaches

I tried canned sliced peaches last year and although they tasted great, they were more labor intensive
frozen sour (pie) cherries
frozen using the sugar pack* method
here’s my (hopefully) growing stash of summer
What are you saving this summer?