My big takeaways from 2020? No plans are certain and I can’t control things as much as I thought I could. These are both things that I hold true but they became really obvious this year. As we come to the end of December and look forward to a new year, I always find it helpful to look back a bit and look forward a bit too. I know that there are gifts in the year and glimpses of hope as we move forward. If you’re looking forward and wanting to change how your home feels and how you approach your home, my soon to be released book is going to be the guidebook you need to move forward in 2021.

My 4th book, Clean Mama’s Guide to a Peaceful Home releases in a week on December 29th – just in time for the New Year. I know it’s coming at just the right time – just when we’re looking for some tangible tips to help us navigate the next steps in our homes – this book provides a plan for figuring out the best systems and rituals for YOUR home and YOUR family. I am thrilled to bring it to you and so excited to hear how it changes your home in 2021.

One of the chapters is all about Seven Peaceful Home Guidelines. I’ve been sharing these on Instagram over the past few weeks – have you seen them? These seven guidelines for a peaceful home are simple things that you might be doing already, but when you put them together, they will help your home feel peaceful, less cluttered, calm and cozy.

  1. Take it out, put it away.
  2. One in, one out.
  3. Practice regular decluttering.
  4. No junk drawers.
  5. Group like with like.
  6. Zones make everything run a little more smoothly.
  7. Deal with clutter daily.

Through the book you’ll find that there are so many simple things you can do that all add up to a clean, cozy, peaceful home!

Look for a free 10-day challenge coming on January 2nd – The 2021 Quick Clean Home Reset. It’s 10 things you can do to quickly declutter and create a more peaceful home.  I can’t wait to share it with you!

Once you pre-order, go to this page and enter your order information. You’ll receive an email with all the details for accessing the book club and virtual class in January, and a bonus I know you’ll love – a $15 coupon code for anything in the Clean Mama Shop – no minimums!

Here are the bonuses for pre-ordering:

  • Access to Clean Mama’s Guide to a Peaceful Home Private Facebook Group/Book Club
  • A Special Virtual Class with Clean Mama in January in the Facebook Group/Book Club (this class will have 5 sessions as we work through the book together)
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I am so excited about the virtual class in the private Facebook Group/Book Club. We’re going to work together as a group through the book. Here’s the official schedule:


If you have my first book, The Organically Clean Home (2014), you know that the basis of the book is DIY cleaning recipes – shoot, there are over 150 of them! The heart of Simply Clean (2017) is a cohesive and doable method and cleaning routine for efficiently cleaning your home.  Clean Mama’s Guide to a Healthy Home (2019) is research-based and provides a step-by-step guide to take charge of your home’s wellness with a comprehensive, all-natural cleaning system.

Clean Mama’s Guide to a Peaceful Home (2020), is my game-changing method to help us make our chores effortless. By pairing up systems—how we get things done so that they become automatic—with rituals—tasks that bring calm and happiness—we can feel more at peace in our homes. Though the book, I walk you through each room of the house, and show you how to put new systems and rituals in place that will make the whole home operate more efficiently. 

Here’s my books page if you want to see all four in one place.

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  4. Relax and wait for Clean Mama’s Guide to a Peaceful Home to arrive.