July 22, 2014

Shop Update : Clean Mama’s Everyday Planner + FREE August Planner Pages

I’ve been working on a new planner style and format since I created a planner last year – for real. I took a lot of things into consideration and have come up with a simple and perfectly functional planner that I absolutely LOVE and hope you will too! Clean Mama’s Everyday Planner incorporates a few things that are really important to me – it has a straightforward and simple design, it’s super easy to print, and it prints perfectly back to back (hooray!). It’s only available in black and white to make it easy to print on any printer (color, black and white, laser, inkjet….) and to keep the printing cost low. I love the black and white design – it can be put in a fancy binder or planner, you can jazz it up with stickers, sticky notes, and washi tape and make it yours. Better yet, if you combine it into a homekeeping notebook it’ll blend beautifully with what you have. How about a couple pictures so you can see it? (Make sure you scroll ALL the way down to the end for the FREE pages too!)

Clean Mama's Everyday Planner - A Simple, Perfectly Functional Planner via Clean Mama

Clean Mama’s Everyday Planner includes 160+ documents and has everything you need to assemble your own simple, perfect planner. Clean Mama’s Everyday Planner is in a simple and attractive format that works for any lifestyle and schedule. Print what you need or print it all out – either way you’ll love the black and white color scheme and ease of this planner. The planner is designed to be printed and bound or hole-punched – put it in a binder or have it professionally bound. I printed my own on my inkjet printer and put it in a discbound notebook – I use an ARC punch and the Martha Stewart discbound notebook (both found at Staples).

Clean Mama's Everyday Planner via Clean Mama


Clean Mama's Everyday Planner - Monthly Calendars via Clean Mama


Prints perfectly front to back - Clean Mama's Everyday Planner


2 Versions of the Weekly Planner are Included via Clean Mama


Important Contacts - Clean Mama's Everyday Planner via Clean Mama


Notes page and Important Dates to Remember - Clean Mama's Everyday Planner
This listing is in 2 zip files – one for a blank planner and one for a planner with daily tasks (this is my FAVORITE feature!) – save and download both or just the one you will use. Each category is in its own file within the zip (the planner is together as one ‘document’), the calendar is separate and the pages are saved individually….this is so it’s super easy to print back to back or as A4/A5 size.

  • 16 Month Planner – each week on a 2 page spread – 140 pages – blank AND with Clean Mama’s suggested daily tasks are both included
  • Everyday Planner cover page – simple and sweet to match the planner
  • September 2014-December 2015 Calendar (vertical, binder style) – 16 pages
  • Notes page – ‘Jot It Down’
  • Important Dates to Remember – 1 page
  • Important Contacts

I know you’ll love Clean Mama’s Everyday Planner – I’ve added more products to match the planner in black and Clean Mama aqua – see the entire line here.

Not sure how to print a 140 page planner? First of all, think about HOW you want the pages set up….you could print the calendars back to back with the ‘jot it down’ pages and then insert them between the planner pages. Print the important contacts pages back to back and set up a little address book in your planner. I love the important dates to remember page – perfect to write down all the special dates for each month – keep it front and center so you don’t forget that birthday again this year!

How in the world does one print a 140 page planner back to back without going through reams of paper in the process? The EASIEST way is to print page 1 first by itself without anything on the back of it. Then, print pages 2-140 BACK to BACK. Your printer will most likely stop halfway through and give you instructions on how to feed the already printed pages back into your printer. If you are unsure on how to do this, I recommend trying it out in ‘draft’ printing mode and printing page 1 and then pages 2-6 to make sure you get how to print back to back first. You can always send to a copy shop and have them print it back to back for you. Because the planner is one ‘document’ this is easy for them to upload and print. Have a A4/A5 planner and want to resize? Check out this post!  Want color and a non-dated planner spread? Check out The Streamlined Life 2014/2015 Calendar and Planner Kit.

Want to try out the planner and see what you think? How about getting August 2014 for FREE!? Go here to grab August’s pages in my shop and here to grab them on Googledocs.

Clean Mama's Everyday Planner - Get August 2014 for FREE via Clean Mama