September 10, 2014

Shop Update : Half Size (A5) Printables

Shop Update - Streamlined and Everyday Lines Include Standard and Half Size Printables via Clean Mama

Big news! I’ve added half letter size (A5) printables to The Streamlined Life Line and The Everyday Line. What does this mean? If you order anything from these lines you will get both sizes included (for the same original price). No more having to resize, simply print out your printables and start using them. This is especially great if you want the versatility of using a smaller planner and a larger homekeeping notebook – you don’t have to choose which one to purchase – you get both sizes included!

In case you’re curious, I still prefer the larger standard size, because it offers more room for handwriting but the smaller size is great if you want to incorporate some pages into your planner or create a half size planner. The smaller pages are centered on the page and you’ll see that there is a little more room above and below the text than in the standard size – perfect for notes and decorations. They print perfectly back to back and can easily be hole-punched with plenty of room to spare. Yay!

Half Size Printables via Clean Mama

If you have purchased anything from either of these lines recently and want the smaller A5 half letter size, email me at clean dot mama at yahoo dot com with your receipt (looking up your order takes time, so please be considerate and forward me your receipt) and I will happily send the additional printables for free. Hooray for options! Happy printable-ing! Questions about my printables? Check out my FAQ page – I have lots of helpful tips, favorite products, and links to posts about printables.


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