June 3, 2015

Shop Update + SALE : Homekeeping Foundations + 2016 Calendars

I am so excited to share a brand new product with you today! I’ve been working on an updated home management binder kit for what feels like years and finally have it ready! Managing a home can be complicated and I wanted to take the guesswork out of it and create something that is pretty to look at and functional. Enter THE HOMEKEEPING FOUNDATIONS KIT. Each section is color coded, it prints off in one easy print document OR you can print individual pages. I also included an editable/fillable version for all you that ask for that. It’s included in the listing. AND, I also included the pages as half size (A5). And guess what!? I am also offering this kit as PRINTED FOR YOU. For an additional price, you can get the whole digital kit PLUS I’ll send you the first copy professionally printed just for you!

Homekeeping Foundations MAIN via Clean mama

The Homekeeping Foundations Kit

Here’s what’s included:

Want to simplify your homekeeping? Take a minute to print out this kit and you’re half-way there. This kit is my virtual hand reaching through the computer to help YOU put your home information together in one, easily accessible place.

If you’ve wanted to finally get your family’s information all together IN ONE PLACE, this is the perfect kit! I’ve compiled all my must-have printables in one easy to print, simple to use printable kit. Just print, hole punch, and put in your favorite binder. You’ll love the easy-to-use format and intuitive nature of Clean Mama’s HOMEKEEPING FOUNDATIONS KIT.

Homekeeping Foundations all sections via Clean mama
There are 6 sections included – Family Information (teal), Calendar (multi-colored), Homekeeping (Clean Mama aqua), Menu Planning (soft orange), Budget (lime green), Projects + Home (strawberry pink). Each section is color coded and includes a cover page to make it even easier to set up your homekeeping binder. You’ll love the subtle, attractive details, and fun color scheme. If you want a calendar, I have one that matches this kit but it’s sold separately. (Keep reading!)

Homekeeping Foundations planner pages via Clean Mama
Want a little more flexibility with the kit? This kit includes:
– FULL SIZE (8.5×11 pages) – each page individually and EASY PRINT format, just print once
– FULL SIZE EDITABLE/FILLABLE pages – in case you want to fill in the forms on your computer and print them out
– HALF SIZE (5.5×8.5 pages) – formatted in the EASY PRINT format

Editable Fields - Save your info and print
• Homekeeping Foundations Binder
• Home Management Binder
• Blank – Editable/Fillable

Homekeeping Foundations section by section via Clean Mama
• Cover Page
• Important Dates
• Insurance Information
• Important Contacts
• In Case Of Emergency
• Child Information
• School Information
• Medical Information
• Pet Information

CALENDAR (multi-colored)
• Cover Page
• Daily Planner
• Weekly Dockets – Sun/Mon starts (2 versions/2 pages)
• Perpetual Monthly Calendars – Sun/Mon starts (2 versions/2 pages)
• Year at a Glance

HOMEKEEPING (Clean Mama aqua)
• Cover Page
• Perpetual Monthly Cleaning Calendar
• Clean Mama’s Cleaning Routine Info – 2 pages of instructions and implementation ideas to get you started
• Rotating Cleaning Checklist

MENU PLANNING (soft orange)
• Cover Page
• Family Favorite Meals
• Meals to Try
• Meal Plan for the Month – Sun/Mon starts (2 versions/2 pages)
• Weekly Meal Plan + Shopping List
• Grocery Shopping List

BUDGET (lime green)
• Cover Page
• Bill Checklist
• Monthly Budget Worksheet
• Checkbook Register
• Debt Worksheet

PROJECTS & HOME (strawberry pink)
• Cover Page
• Project Checklist
• Automobile Maintenance Log
• Appliance Maintenance Log
• Service Professional Contact List

Year at a glance Close up via Clean Mama
Use it in a homekeeping binder, or pick and choose the individual printables to use in your home. They look great on a clipboard too!

Shopping List and Menu Plan - Homekeeping Foundations Kit via Clean Mama

2016 Calendars are also in the shop!

Homekeeping Foundations Calendar Close-up via Clean mama

The June 2015 – December 2016 HOMEKEEPING FOUNDATIONS CALENDAR (not included in the Homekeeping Foundations Kit)

2016 Everyday Calendar close up


Hop on over to Clean Mama Printables to see more pictures and information on these products – I know you’ll love them!

If you’d like a little more information on the different lines I carry in my shop and what’s best for your purposes, go to my Clean Mama Printables FAQ page – I discuss the differences and give you some tips on printing and using the printables.

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