November 8, 2017

Shop Update : NEW Stickers!

I added two new sticker sheets to Clean Mama HOME this week! There are 2 different sticker sheets – CLEANING ROUTINE and COLOR CODING. Use them on your spray bottles, calendar, planner, notepads, or cleaning planner. (See the Clean Mama DAILY Planner up there – it’s a perfect companion for the stickers!) Come see…..

Add a little routine to your planner, calendar, homekeeping binder pages, and spray bottles. The Cleaning Routine sticker page includes the Clean Mama Routine icons + a few more.
Use these round color coding stickers to color code by family member, activity, or simply to add little notes in your planner or on your calendar.
 The clear Clean Mama Home stickers are on clearance if you’re interested!

Cleaning Routine Stickers - Clean Mama

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2x2 full cmh

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