December 13, 2013

Shop Update : New Year’s Edition

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I know you’re thinking about December and still living in 2013, but in case you’re starting to look ahead to 2014, you might be interested in a few shop updates….

The Simplified LIfe Calendar + Planner Kit via Clean Mama Printables5

If you want to DIY your planner then look no further than The 2014 Simplified Life Calendar + Planner Kit   – (I LOVE the undated planner pages – they are perfect for me!) it includes:

  • 2014 Calendar (January 2014- December 2014) 12 pages
  • 2014 At A Glance Calendar
  • Undated 2 Page Planner (space for water, most important item, Sunday Start, split into 3 sections – morning, afternoon, evening) – use this for years to come and print off just what you need!
  • 5 Perpetual Calendars (1 in each of the following colors – teal, green, tangerine, grape, raspberry)
  • Schedule of the Week
  • Simple Daily Planner – timed section 6am-8pm, space for to do, notes, and menu
  • Important Dates to Remember
  • Notes page (page has lines and grid)

The Simplified Life Health+Fitness Kit via CLean Mama Printables

Looking to get healthy and fit in 2014? You’ll love The Simplified Life Health + Fitness Kit  – (I especially love the Fitness and Weight Loss Trackers – keep track of all that info in one place!)

  • 2 Fitness and Weight Loss Tracker for the Month (teal + green) – (this is perpetual and can be used for years to come) – includes space to track physical activities, caloric intake, water intake, and weight and measurements.
  • 2 Vitamin and Supplement Trackers (teal/green + raspberry/grape) – perfect for keeping track of vitamins and supplements you take to track any changes, benefits, and side effects
  • 2 Two Week Food Journals (teal/green + raspberry/grape) – writing down your food and water intake during the day will help with seeing what you are eating and drinking all day long – space for breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, and water
  • 2 Daily and Monthly Calorie Counter – Perpetual Calendar – (tangerine + teal) space for tracking breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, a space for the date
  • Health and Fitness Goals – (teal/green) put all your goals on paper (even the little ones!) and keep track of your accomplishments – columns for goal, steps, reward, start, end, and goal met

I bundled up and (discounted) The Simplified Life Kits a bit……

The Simplified Life Resolution Kit via Clean Mama Printables

The Simplified Life Resolution Kit (includes the cleaning, health + fitness, and budget kits)

The Simplified Life Everything Kit via Clean Mama Printables

The Simplified Life Everything Kit (includes ALL of the Simplified Life kits)

There you have it – a little taste of 2014 right here in 2013! Can’t deal with January in December? Pin the images on a 2014 board and come back to them! Thank you for your support and business, I really, truly appreciate it!

I used the following products to create put these kits together in a binder and to photograph  (all products were purchased with my own money and I love them – there are no affiliate links in these links):


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