October 28, 2013

Shop Update – The Simplified Life Budget + Bill Pay Kit

The Simplified Life Kit - Money gets complicated - let's simplify it! via Clean Mama

After many requests, I’ve added a budget and bill pay kit that COORDINATES perfectly with The Simplified Life Kit!  It’s THE SIMPLIFIED LIFE BUDGET + BILL PAY KIT! I’m so excited to share it with you – this kit is full of  new printables that I think you’ll be excited about. This kit is designed to help you if you are trying to get out of debt, use the envelope system, or just trying to get a hold of your finances and track where your money is going every month.

Take a peek….

DEBT TRACKER to help you keep track of your all your debts on one sheet – every penny counts when you’re trying to get rid of debt! And a DEBT ELIMINATOR TRACKER – Want to track your payments for each credit card or loan on one sheet of paper? Here’s a great way to do that – record every payment made and every dollar that helps eliminate the debt.

Debt Trackers via Clean Mama

SAVINGS TRACKER – Keep track of your contributions to your savings account(s) on one page for the entire year. Every bit as motivating as debt elimination, but this is money you get to keep! A BILL + PAYMENT CHECKLIST – Hands-down this is my absolute favorite budget helper – just a simple bill and payment checklist. Make a check in the box if you’ve paid the bill or write the balance down or payment made. Super helpful!

Savings Tracker and Bill + Payment Checklist via Clean Mama

2 CHECKBOOK REGISTERS – one in turquoise + green and one in grape + raspberry – take your pick, but keeping your checkbook balance in a notebook or binder can be life-changing!
2 PASSWORD LOGS – one in turquoise + green and one in grape + raspberry – can’t remember those password and logins? You don’t need to with this easy to use password log. Keep all your financial information in one place – just keep it in a safe place!
SPENDING TRACKER – Keep track of your spending on one sheet – a great way to hold yourself accountable and see on paper where the money is going
MONTHLY BUDGET WORKSHEET – track your budget for three months at a time on this handy budget worksheet. Keep track of total income, savings, and giving. Bills and expenses include housing, utilities, automotive, medical, personal, debt and food + entertainment. Total it out and get a good look at where you money is going every month.


The Simplified Life Budget + Bill Pay Kit 2

9 BUDGET ENVELOPE INSERT PAGES (3 per page = 27 envelope inserts) – using Dave Ramsey’s budget envelope system? Here are some adorable budget envelope inserts to add to your envelopes. Simple and easy to implement, mix and match these inserts to work for you – 6 categories (food, gas, clothing, entertainment, gifts, fun money) and 3 blank inserts per color way so you can write in your own categories if you’d like.

The Simplified Life Budget + Bill Pay Kit 3

Budget Envelopes via Clean Mama

Go to this post to see more on the budget envelope inserts.

Here are all 19 documents that come in this great kit:

The Simplified Life Budget + Bill Pay Kit 1

The Simplified Life Budget + Bill Pay Kit is in the shop!

I’ve also updated 2014 Work @ Home Kit – great for anyone that works at home.

2014 Work @ Home Kit - Clean Mama

I used the following products to create this kit  (all products were purchased with my own money and I love them – there are no affiliate links in these links):


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