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Is summer in full swing in your house? I’ve already fielded quite a few questions about organizing with kids this summer so I thought it would be a perfect time to share a couple things that work for us or things that we’re implementing right now. With schedules calming down it’s nice to have a little structure in place and these methods successfully meet those needs.

Summer 2016 Calendar full - Clean Mama

Use a calendar – I shared this free printable of Summer 2016 at-a-glance calendar last month. If you haven’t grabbed it yet, grab it and fill in some important items for the summer. If you’re looking to put together a homekeeping binder this summer (a great way to get organized), I recommend my Homekeeping Foundations Kit or joining Homekeeping Society.

Clothes Close-Up via Clean Mama


Get the kids involved and do a quick clean of closets following this simple method for organizing and maintaining them. I detail kids closets in the post but you can apply the techniques and steps to your own closets and drawers.

Essentials for Getting the Kids Involved In Cleaning - free printables and tips that work! - Clean Mama

Need a little direction when it comes to cleaning with kids? I’ve written quite a bit on the subject – go here to get started with age-appropriate tasks that kids can tackle right along with you!

small summer boredom busters

Put together a boredom busting bucket or basket – perfect for rainy days, quiet time, and just relaxing. I put this together a month or so ago and my kids have pulled it out almost every day of summer break. It’s been a big hit!

Keep Snacks in Bins to Keep them Organized via Clean Mama

Keep healthy snacks accessible.  I keep lots of fresh fruit and veggies washed and ready for snacking but we also have some snacks at the ready in the pantry as well. This works great for grabbing something if we’re doing an impromptu outing, going to the pool, or if the kids just need a quick bite to eat.

Put together a couple totes, bags, or bins that will simplify some of your favorite summer activities – here are our favorites:

Put Together a S'mores Caddy via Clean Mama

S’mores Caddy – My kiddos love putting our s’mores caddy together every summer, this makes for a great Saturday evening at the fire pit.

The Perfect Picnic Bag via Clean Mama

The Perfect Picnic Bag – I love having a handful of picnic-ready supplies all packed up and ready to go, it makes it so simple to get out the door!

Gather School Supplies to Make a Homework Caddy

Art + School Supply Caddy – I usually put this together before school starts but we swap out some of the supplies for summer art projects and it works great!

Toys Out - Toys Put Away via Clean Mama


Practice One Task to Keep Your Home Clutter Free – it’s so simple but it can feel so difficult! Take it out, and put it away. Keep this in mind this summer and I bet you and your family will appreciate taking that little step to put things away. It’s so simple but so hard to keep up with unless it’s a conscious decision.