A simple and organized makeup drawer sounds easier than it is. By grouping different makeup items together in a logical way it makes it easy to locate and even easier to put items away. Keeping makeup to the essentials is also helpful to keep things simple and easy.

This post is part of a new series – Take a Peek. Every month or so, I’m going to open a door, a drawer, a cupboard, or space and giving you a peek at what’s behind it. I love looking at details and organizing strategies online and in magazines and I thought you might looking at these spaces in my home as well. I’m going to share sources, strategies, and what works for us in the hopes of inspiring you to tackle organizing a space in your home. Each post will have numbers to point to details in the picture with tips and tricks to inspire you to organize a space in your home. You’ll find all the sources linked at the very bottom of the post. I hope you enjoy it!


This drawer was a catch-all for miscellaneous makeup and I didn’t really think that there were any options for organization because the drawer isn’t deep but then I found these cosmetic drawer organizers – they’re only 2 inches deep and fit perfectly.

Measure twice and make sure that everything will fit – I bought a couple different configurations and played with the arrangement until I found what worked best. You can see that there’s a little extra room on either side of the drawer and I’m okay with that.

I ended up putting everything in these drawer organizers in my bathroom drawers so I pulled everything out of the drawers, cleaned them out, got rid of anything that I don’t use anymore, was past its prime or expired. Then I grouped and categorized everything and lived with it for a couple weeks and moved things around some more. This organized space is that you see below is how the drawer looks about a month after I organized it. I love having this space organized, it makes getting ready so much easier!

In case you’re curious, here’s what’s in each of the organizers. I’ve been switching over to safe beauty products and love the results!



  1. LIP STUFF – lip gloss, lipstick, lip balm, lip scrub
  2. EYES – mascara, concealer
  3. EYES + FOUNDATION – I like buying eye makeup sets to keep eye makeup application easy
  4. POWDER – every day powder
  5. FACE WASH, SERUMS, + MASKS – I keep items that I use often but not every day here
  6. MORE POWDER – loose and bronzer
  7. DRAWER ORGANIZERS – love these, they have changed how I organize the bathroom

There you have it – one simple and organized makeup drawer!