Simple Solutions to Eliminate Paper Clutter via Clean Mama

This week our focus is on paper and paper clutter. On Monday I suggested that you concentrate on 5 main areas to get started in the big paper purge:

  • shred
  • clear your counters
  • deal with your mail daily
  • get a filing system
  • get others involved

I know that one week isn’t nearly enough time to focus on paper for some of us, but with clutter being a daily task, my hope is that you work on that if you need to as often as you need to, until you’ve accomplished your paper goals.

Today I’d like to show you a few simple ways I’ve eliminated paper clutter in our home with the hope that it gives you some simple strategies and practical solutions that you can put into place or change to meet your needs.

Paper-less Office Organization via Clean Mama

We have a multi-purpose office. This is my ‘office’ section of the office, we also have an elliptical machine, tv, and an organizer in here too. I love how this little section is organized – it works great for me. I went from a desk about three times this size to this smaller one and I love that it forces me to keep it organized and tidy. I’ve labeled the different sections so you can see how I’ve squeezed things in and organized. I’ve done posts on some of them before – you can click on the links below for more specifics.

Keep Your Paper Shredder Accessible via Clean Mama

Keep your shredder accessible (if you have little kids keep it unplugged for safety reasons). Put it in an office or place where you’re sorting and filing to keep the paper piles away.

Hidden Paper Storage via Clean Mama

On the other side of my desk is this storage unit from Costco. The top four rows are for the kids and the bottom row is business and blog storage bins are for me. Each of my cuties gets their own bin with a clipboard, supplies (stored in a metal cup to keep it contained and so they can grab it and bring it into the kitchen when it’s homework time), and books or binders for school. I have a large backpack basket next to the homework bins to keep everything accessible for the kids.

Stop Paper Clutter - Create a Space to Drop Items via Clean Mama

Paper clutter starts in the kitchen (or at least it does in my house). Create a space or place to drop items to keep them off the counters. A small organizer to contain simple items and charge phones or other electronics is helpful. If you are old school like me and still like having phone numbers out by your phone, keep them in a rolodex or address book. Use a small decorative container to drop your keys, chapstick, and other small items that would otherwise be scattered on your counters.

Magazine Storage via Clean Mama

I’m a big fan of hidden and sneaky storage. If you’re a magazine and catalog junkie like me, keep them in a basket or bin. Limit yourself to keeping the magazines in the basket and when it’s full, recycle what you’re done with and keep those magazines off counters and couches and in a special place.

How are you doing with this week’s focus? Making some progress? Have a challenge you need some help on? Ask away!


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