Simple Tips for Organized Bedrooms and Living Spaces via Clean Mama

The 2014 Start Here series has been a huge hit. Every week, we’ve tackled a small organizing task in our homes with the hopes of organizing our lives a little better. As the year is nearing a close, every week in December I am highlighting an area in the home to work on. This is a great time to finish up any missed tasks or take a couple minutes to get a specific area tidied up a bit. This week take some time to straighten up any areas in your BEDROOMS AND LIVING AREAS that need a little attention. Here are some posts from this year to give you a little inspiration and help along the way.

  • Your entryway and mudroom can set the tone for how you feel when you walk in to your home. These three steps to a clean and organized mudroom will start you off on the right foot.
  • It’s easy for closets to become a tangled mess of clothes and disorganization. Keep everyone’s clothes organized and closets clean with these five tips.
  • No more searching for random socks and missing undies with these three organizational suggestions.
  • These four steps to an organized nightstand will keep those things you want handy at your fingertips and all the unnecessary not.
  • When is the last time you went through your books? Consider purging your books and quickly tidy up your bookshelves with these tips.