This week’s focus is on kitchen cupboards. (The weekly focus is always listed on the left hand side of the calendar in gray.)  If you haven’t grabbed February’s Cleaning + Organizing Calendar, go get it! It’s free here.

Simple Ways to Organize Cupboards via Clean Mama

We’ve been undergoing a little kitchen renovation the past couple weeks and it’s nearly completed (yay!)  I’ve posted a couple pics on Instagram (cleanmama#) if you want to take a peek. I’ve been working on rearranging and re-working the cupboards for optimal efficiency and ease of use. Take a couple minutes this week to work on one kitchen cupboard, all your cupboards, or somewhere in between. Here are a couple steps that I find helpful when organizing my cupboards.

  1. Empty the cupboard.
  2. Donate or toss anything you don’t need or use anymore.
  3. Wipe down the cupboard.
  4. Add a drawer liner (optional).
  5. Return items to the cupboard – stack items that can be stacked, group like items together, make sure your arrangement makes sense.
  6. Label (optional).

Want to take a peek at some organized cupboards?

Simplify your kitchen cupboards - Put Dishes Near the Dishwasher via Clean Mama

Keep your dishes near your sink and dishwasher to make emptying the dishwasher a little easier.

Simplify your kitchen cupboards - Label Your Drawers to Keep it Orderly via Clean Mama

I use my label maker with clear tape to label the pull-out drawers in my kitchen cupboards. This may seem a little overboard but it helps anyone that’s putting dishes away know where they go and it keeps the drawers and cupboards neat and orderly.

Simplify your kitchen cupboards - Group Like Items Together via Clean Mama

Always, always group like items together. Bowls, measuring cups, colanders, strainers, etc. Anything that you have multiple items of can be stacked and placed near each other to keep items easy to find and put away.

Have any kitchen cupboard tips to share?


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