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As part of Start Here. I post a weekly recap with a couple ideas (mostly simple and easy to implement) for the week’s focus and a few ideas from the web that I’ve enjoyed over the week. Did you grab September’s FREE cleaning and organizing calendar? Go here to grab it!

Bathroom Sink:

  • Feel like the space under your bathroom sink lacks some serious organization and cleaning? Try one of these tips from Clean Mama to whip that space in to shape in no time!
  • Leave it to Real Simple to have some fantastic ideas on how to simplify your under the bathroom sink storage issue. I especially like the tension rod for storing cleaning bottles and the stackable drawers. Scroll through for all sorts of options.
  • I love how every inch of this bathroom sink storage is utilized with open, stackable containers. No wasted space here! Via The Orderly Home

Something to Eat:

  • There is still so much great produce to be found in gardens, farmers markets and as gifts from generous neighbors and friends. Check out this great guide from Design Mom on how to freeze your fresh grown veggies so that you can enjoy them this winter.

Something to Make:

  • I am itching to pull out the sewing machine to make a couple batches of this sweet (and easy!) bunting. How cute would this be for birthday celebrations or mantel decorating? Via Pretty Modern

Something For the Kids:

  • Beautiful fall colors inspire all sorts of creativity and lend themselves to some fun art projects. This fall leaf watercolor resist art project is perfect for both little ones with assistance and older kids independently. Via Fun at Home with Kids


  • Ever found yourself perplexed by how to clean your waffle iron, panini press or indoor grill when you can’t wash them in the sink? This method from The Mama’s Girls gets them clean every time!

In Print:

  • Did you see the September issue of Real Simple Magazine? If you follow me on Instagram you saw a glimpse of an article on how to quickly clean a bathroom that I contributed to with two other cleaning experts – so fun and quite an honor for this Real Simple fan!

Clean Mama in Real Simple Magazine

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