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I pulled out this cutlery caddy from the top of the pantry the other day, cleaned it out, and set it back up for use on the kitchen table again. You see, we used to have it on the table a couple years ago but our youngest starting getting mobile and climbing and everything was game. That meant he pulled everything out and it was a new target for him. At the time, I was annoyed that this darling little caddy that made my life easier had to be stashed away (along with so many other things), but as I pulled it out the other night I was thinking about how quickly they grow up and time flies. So here’s my second attempt at the cutlery caddy – so far, so good!

Cutlery Caddy - Clean Mama

Why this works:

If your meal time is anything like it is in our house, the minute we’re all finally sitting down, someone drops a spoon or a fork, needs a napkin, etc. Having a simple cutlery caddy simply makes it easier – the kids can set the table from the caddy or help themselves when needed. Another perk? It’s ready to take out to the picnic table for impromptu meals on the patio. Truly, I love it.


Gather your supplies:

  • caddy – look for something that you love, that matches your decor. This one is from Crate & Barrel but I’m not seeing it online. Here’s a darling galvanized steel one that’s similar – I might have to snag it for the patio 🙂
  • I used these Ball canning jars to contain the silverware and straws – I find that the jars keeps things neater and it’s easier to keep clean.
  • items for the caddy – what are you getting up for? Silverware, straws, salt and pepper, napkins, etc. I got these darling cloth napkins from HomeGoods – here they are on Amazon, but HomeGoods was much cheaper.

Supplies for Cutlery Caddy - Clean Mama

It’s such a simple solution to one of those annoying problems – have you ever tried a cutlery caddy?

Simplify Mealtimes with a Cutlery Caddy - Clean Mama