Outdoor Ice Decorations via Clean Mama

Outdoor ice decor is pretty simple to pull off when you’re busy. Use containers that you have on hand for your ice decor molds and bits of nature from your yard or refrigerator and you’ll have a festive outside decoration in no time (or as long as the ice takes to freeze). This is a fun little project for kids to get involved in too! What can you make? A wreath to hang from a tree or bird feeder, candle holders or luminaries to line a porch, driveway or walkway (use candles at your own risk or use battery operated candles), outdoor tree ornaments, lawn decorations….. Unfortunately, this will only work for those of you whose weather is below freezing – a perk of living in the midwest, I guess!

Gather a container or containers to make your ice mold(s). Grab a few sprigs of pine boughs, cranberries, or any other winter-y natural decor and get started. Place the natural items in your container – we used a vintage gelatin mold, pine branches and cranberries. Add water to fill and carefully place in your freezer and freeze for a few hours or overnight. Run the back of the container under warm water to un-mold and bring outside.

Outdoor Ice Decorations


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