I love January – it’s refreshing, a slow pace, and a great time for resolutions and fresh starts. This year I’m going to be doing a little declutter challenge for the month of January here on the blog and on Instagram. I want to keep the challenge simple and helpful with the most important goal being that you (and me) get some decluttering done in just a couple minutes a day. I’ll also be posting the daily mini tasks on Instagram and in my private Homekeeping Society Facebook page (just request to be added). If you need a friendly little reminder to show up in your feed so you get off your phone and get rid of something, follow along 🙂

Of course I have a checklist to follow and complete and I’ll be delving into some decluttering posts and projects here on the blog as well. The challenge starts on January 1st and goes through the entire month of January – I have the challenge structured so you can easily wait until January 3rd to start if you aren’t quite ready yet. I get that! I’m really enjoying the holiday decorations this year and for the first time in a long time, I’m okay leaving things up a little longer this year.

The Simply Clean Decluttering Challenge is intended as a way to encourage daily decluttering and slow and steady progress. You’ll get what you put into it – I promise that even if you just do a little decluttering, you’ll be closer to having a decluttered home than you were before you started. Keep going and enjoy the process!

Get ready!

  • Choose a place to follow along – InstagramFacebook, my private Homekeeping Society Facebook page, and/or subscribe to the blog in the sidebar.
  • Put together some cleaning + decluttering supplies – here are some favorites – make sure you have garbage bags!
  • Grab the FREE Simply Clean Declutter Challenge Checklist, print it out and put it where you will see it every day.
  • Get ready to kick off the challenge on January 1st!

Go here to download the FREE Declutter Challenge Checklist!

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