It’s been almost a year since Simply Clean was released and I thought it would be fun to chat a little bit about the book and have a giveaway in the process. Simply Clean was so much fun to write – my favorite aspect is how it’s structured to get you from no routine to a clean home in no time. You’ll find quick tips, diy cleaning recipes, and an extensive explanation of my routine complete with how to implement it with any schedule. If you haven’t read it yet and you’re feeling overwhelmed or hopeless with your current situation, it’s a proven method for keeping your home organized and clean!
The winner has been notified and has claimed her prize – congrats to Rachel T.!
This week, I’m giving away a $100 shop credit to Clean Mama Home to one lucky reader that gives it an Amazon review. (Keep reading for how to enter.)  If you loved it, go give it a little love. Reviews are so helpful for authors because it helps potential readers scope out books and it helps Amazon show the book to more customers. I’m also doing a giveaway of the book this week on Instagram – follow along so you can enter!
Haven’t read the book? Grab it, read it and give it a review! You have over a week before this contest ends. So if you’re ready to get going on the Simply Clean routine but you want some cute cleaning supplies to work with, this is for you!


  1. Leave a review on Amazon for Simply Clean.
  2. Email me –, screenshot or link to it, and tell me that you left a review on Amazon – if you already left a review you can still enter!
  3. I’ll draw ONE winner from the emails I receive and the winner will receive a $100 shop credit to Clean Mama Home (must be 18 years old and live in the US or Canada).
  4. I’ll email the winner on February 28th and announce the winner here on this post.

Here are a few reviews from Amazon – thank you!

I found out about this book totally by accident. I was so depressed with my house I could hardly function. I have bought and read many books on organization clutter, and de clutter but I just could never get ahead. My kids were grown but I still couldn’t get on top of the mess. I found her web site and bought the book by mistake I thought I was going to just get a sample. It has changed my life since reading it. I took baby steps and now my house is starting to come together and I am staying on top. My husband has noticed a big difference and is now doing better at controlling some of his stuff. This book was exactly what I needed. Yes it does have some things I have read in other books but it has made it so clear to me I never ever want to go back to a messy house again. And when my doorbell rang the other day I could let someone come in. – Martha B.

There are just a few things I’d like to say about , not only this book, but about the author as well.
First, I’m a single guy who has lived alone in 3 different apartments since moving out. I was the typical bachelor, meaning, where anything I put down is where it stays until I needed it again.
In short, since hearing about this author I started to read over her Website which was filled with so many easy tips, tricks, etc to making cleaning not only easy, but a challenge! I love challenges. So, there was an organizing challenge on her website , I tried it, and we’ll, let’s just say that my apartment went from a Haz Mat Site to a shiny, clean organized place that I now enjoy coming home too at the end of the day.
I have all of her books and I check her website very, very often for GREAT tools, most of which are free Printables, and who doesn’t like free? To an encouraging inspiration of keeping my place the way it is.
If I could meet her and thank her, I think the biggest impact she has had in my life is changing me to caring about my environment around me which translates into caring more about myself. I’d never be able to thank her enough. – Revere Mike

So Simple, yet effective. I had been doing the Flylady method for years. Although I have learned a lot from her method it was time to change the routine. I’m so glad that I found Becky’s book. This has been a game changer for me and I highly recommend her book. – Brady R.

Just what I needed! Motivating in a way that doesn’t overwhelm. An extremely practical resource. – BGM