How do you want your home to feel? Cozy, calm, simple, minimal, luxurious, organized, fun, lovely…. However you want it to feel, that feeling all adds up to HOME. If you’re looking for small changes that you can easily make to make your house feel a home, it’s easier than you think and a little bit of a layering technique.

When I think of our home, I have found that when I think in terms of layers, it’s easier to let those small things add up to that feeling of home.

Here’s how to start making those small changes – or layers:

Start by thinking of a word or two that you want your home to feel like. For me, it’s COMFORTABLE & COZY. That’s your focus or you ‘why’. When you are thinking of what to change or decorate see if it fits your word.

Make your bed. Make it every day – this is a Daily Task in the Clean Mama Routine. It’s simple and is a great way to start your day!

Look at the small spaces. Do you love getting a glimpse of a small, cute space in your home? If you have a little space that could use a little love, fix it up. This can be a corner cabinet, a shelf, a kitchen table, or window. Move something around, create a vignette, add flowers, a stack of books, a candle, make your space special.

Declutter regularly. If you find thinking about decluttering or starting decluttering overwhelming, Put decluttering on your schedule and regularly do it. I find that having a day that I declutter every month to be so helpful! You can find out more here (and grab a free checklist).

Use a cleaning routine or checklist to keep track of what you have to do and when you do it. You can grab the free monthly homekeeping calendar here on the free printables page or you can also find out more about the Clean Mama Routine here.

Homekeeping Planner

Make sure it smells good. Scent is a big factor in how a home feels and there are so many ways to obtain a good smelling home, You can choose a signature scent and keep those stinky smells away. The easiest way to keep it smelling good – make sure you have good air circulation and open windows to let fresh air in.

What are your favorite small changes to make your house feel like a home?