Happy Weekending! I just want to pop in to tell you about a couple new additions to the shop this week.
Available in the shop now are four EDITABLE documents! I’m trying out a couple documents to see how customers like them. I’ve had a lot of requests for these, so I am hoping that you like the versatility that editable printables can provide. I’ll continue to add editable documents that will work well as editable documents to the shop – if you have any suggestions of documents that you’d like to see turned editable, let me know!
A little bit about editable documents…..
Wherever you see the light blue on the picture of the printable is where you can type in your information – that will not remain light blue when printed. You’ll want to save your original editable document and then when you make changes, save it as a new document so you always have that blank document that you can add to and edit. You can still print these out blank without typing into them. The cute check marks that you see automatically appear when you click on the box with your mouse.
Here are the first four editable documents in the shop (I’ve partially filled them in just to show you what it looks like)…
great for saving on your computer and checking off bills as you do your online banking
 same format as the my original dockets, but you get to fill it in yourself
6 cute little ovals for each day of the week – just click your mouse to add the cute little check mark
use this list to keep track of places to go (in person or online) for shopping and errands
And here’s a little sneak peek of the new SCHOOL DAYS kit that will be in the shop on Monday, August 1st!
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