What's the Best Way to Spring Clean?  Assembly Line vs. Room by Room via Clean Mama

What’s the best (fastest, most efficient, most effective) way to approach spring cleaning? Should you go room by room cleaning it top to bottom? Or is it better to take it one task at a time (wash all the baseboards, wash all the floors, vacuum all the corners, etc.) for the ultimate efficiency? Ultimately whatever gets you to get the cleaning done is the most effective method. No magic solution, just whatever motivates you. My preferred method is to do spring cleaning assembly line style – wash all the baseboards, wash all the floors, dust all surfaces, wash all the windows…. But if you follow me on Instagram you saw last week that I was working on the master bedroom. I tackled this room and didn’t move on to any other spring cleaning until it was finished. Why? Because I tend to save the master bedroom and bathroom until last because no one sees it, but this year I started with it and it REALLY needed to be spring cleaned.

Today I’m going to share with you how to spring clean a room, any room in the most simple, effective way. Don’t think that this has to be completed in a day – if you only have little spurts here and there, just complete as you can. If a task doesn’t apply to your specific room, just skip it. You can go here to grab my FREE spring cleaning checklist.

  1. Remove any hanging drapes, curtains, shower curtains, etc. and place in the washing machine if they are washable. Dry on a low heat setting and remove before they are completely dry and re-hang. This will minimize shrinkage and keep your ironing board away.
  2. Wash any pillows.
  3. Rotate/flip mattress and sofa pillows.
  4. Dust from the top down – ceilings and corners are first. Dust walls if you need to. Then move to dust and polish flat surfaces. Use a lint roller to clean your lampshades.
  5. Vacuum or wash vents.
  6. Vacuum corners and baseboards.
  7. Wash baseboards.
  8. Vacuum floors.
  9. Wash floors.
  10. If you’re cleaning a bathroom, move on to clean the tub, shower, toilet, sink.

I’m using the hashtag on Instagram #springcleaningcm for my spring cleaning tasks and you can too! Follow me here!

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