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Ready? Let’s deep clean and get those bathrooms sparkling clean, making sure we’re tending to neglected spots. Spring cleaning is about going a little deeper with cleaning – let’s get started!

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Here’s how the Spring Cleaning Challenge is going to work:

Every Monday I’ll share a room or area of the home with a list of suggested spring cleaning to-dos. You can pick and choose, complete the whole list, or complete the list and add some more tasks to it.

Spring Cleaning Supplies

How you approach the challenge is up to you – I’m going to work on our bedrooms during the week with the Weekly Tasks of the Clean Mama Routine – Dust and Polish Furniture on Tuesday, Vacuum Floors and Baseboards on Wednesday, Wash Floors and Baseboards and/or Clean Carpets on Thursday, Friday I’ll do the other tasks, and Saturday I’ll wash all the bedding and rotate the mattresses. Don’t forget to grab your free checklist!

Here are some bedroom cleaning posts to help you as you deep clean your bedrooms this week!

Favorite Supplies for Spring Cleaning
How to Clean & Freshen Mattresses
How to Wash Pillows Properly
Favorite Vacuum Cleaners (great for deep cleaning bedrooms)
How to Fold Flat or Fitted Sheets
How to Clean Carpets Like a Pro

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