Have you started spring cleaning yet? Want your home to smell FRESH and CLEAN without chemicals? Diffuse this essential oil blend while you’re cleaning, use it as your signature spring cleaning scent or what I do, do both! Either way, your home will smell clean, the scent will motivate you to keep cleaning, and you’re adding an all-natural scent to your home.

These three essential oils make a fresh and bright scent – bergamot and lemon add a lovely citrus scent and peppermint add the fresh scent that you need when spring cleaning. Bonus: peppermint can make you feel energized and awake – perfect to motivate you for spring cleaning!


If you’re diffusing, use the recommended drops for your diffuser – I use equal parts of each oil but you can play with the ratio.

The rule of thumb for scenting DIY cleaners is 3-10 drops essential oil per 16 ounces of liquid. Here are a couple recipes to get you started with – simply substitute this scent combo for the one in the recipe:

Laminate Floor Cleaner
Fabric Sanitizer Spray
Non-Vinegar Hardwood Floor Cleaner
Vinegar Hardwood Floor Cleaner
Window + Mirror Cleaning Spray
Marble + Granite Cleaning Spray
All-Purpose Disinfecting Cleaner
All Purpose Spray
Laundry – soften + freshen

Look for Plant Therapy essential oils in Clean Mama Home!

Always use caution around pets and children when using essential oils.