Maximize Your Time and Minimize the Fuss - Spring Cleaning with Clean Mama

Even if you’re not ready to jump on the spring cleaning train quite yet, you can still print out your FREE checklist and take inventory of your tools. I like to keep things as simplified and easy as possible when it comes to spring cleaning. I don’t have a full day or two to devote to just spring cleaning but I do have little chunks of time throughout the course of a month or so. In order to keep it easy, I put all the tools together for my spring cleaning and then I just grab the tools, my favorite cleaners and I can clean when I have a couple minutes. You can totally do that!

Here’s my little spring cleaning bucket:

Get Ready for Spring Cleaning - Gather Your Tools via Clean Mama


And the fabulous tools all tucked inside:

The Best Tools for Spring Cleaning via Clean Mama

Take inventory of what you already have on hand and if you need anything from the store to add to your spring cleaning bucket, jot it down on your list.

Here are links to the tools I love in case you’re interested (you can see more of my favorite tools in the Amazon Store on the sidebar – I earn a small % of sales from your click – thank you!):

Now don’t you feel accomplished and like you can do a little spring cleaning this year? You’ll be so glad you did!


I’m using the hashtag on Instagram #springcleaningcm for my spring cleaning tasks and you can too! Follow me here!

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