Hopefully the de-cluttering is going well for you and you’re getting ready to start your spring cleaning. A great time saver for your spring or deep cleaning is to put together a bucket or container with all your supplies. Why? All the supplies are in one place, no searching and gathering. It also gives yourself the message that you are committed to doing this (if you need a little message). I spent a couple minutes yesterday gathering my spring cleaning supplies and putting them all in one place – want to see what makes up my spring cleaning bucket?

dusting tools – lots of them!

window cleaning tools

 cleaning cloths

some of my favorite cleaners

So…what are you going to put in your cleaning bucket? If you’d like to see my weekly cleaning routine and some of my favorite cleaning products, check out my cleaning routine page. Isn’t the bucket adorable? It’s from Brodder’s Tubs. Gear up, Monday I’m sharing one last de-cluttering project (with a giveaway) and then on the first day of spring, next Wednesday I’m going to start sharing my top ten spring cleaning tasks. I also have some fun homemade cleaning recipes to share with you too !

Check out my brand new ebook/guide –  Cleaning Around the Seasons: Deep Cleaning On Your Schedule – you’ll love the simple and thorough approach to deep cleaning on your schedule!

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