This month has been Spring Cleaning Month – all month long we’ve been checking off spring cleaning tasks and getting things done. If you haven’t joined in yet, haven’t had time, haven’t been in the mood for spring cleaning, or maybe you have never spring cleaned, you might be interested in doing a SPRING CLEANING SPEED CLEAN. What is it? It’s spending just a little time – maybe an hour or an afternoon focusing on just a couple items you can Spring Clean. You can also use this technique to finish up any last minute spring cleaning tasks you didn’t accomplish over the past month.  Go here to see all the posts with plenty of how-tos and DIY recipes from Spring Cleaning Month and from this series.

START WITH A PLAN – Use the free printable Spring Cleaning Checklist below as your guide or jot down what spring cleaning tasks you’d like to complete. Maybe you’ve been cleaning all month long and just have a couple tasks to complete and you need a little motivation to finish up or maybe you haven’t done any spring cleaning and only want to do a quick burst of cleaning and call it good. I recommend choosing 3-5 big impact items that you will see results from. Write down the tasks and make that your plan. 

GATHER YOUR SUPPLIES – If you don’t have your spring cleaning supplies at the ready, this will take time and motivation away from your cleaning. Grab what you need, put it in one place or in a caddy and put it where you’ll need it. Go here to see my favorite tools for spring cleaning.

GET OTHERS INVOLVED – If you have other family members at home that can help, ask for it! Split up your tasks and delegate.

START WITH A GARBAGE BAG – Set a timer for 10 minutes and run through your house first and fill the garbage bag up with any TRASH. This can be from garbage cans, floors, tables, whatever. Just quickly gather things that can be thrown out.

SET A TIMER – Don’t just set a timer for 3 hours and get started – that’s too long and it will just lead to overwhelm. Split up your tasks into manageable time slots and set your timer accordingly. Let’s say you have 1 hour and you want to accomplish 3 things. Set your timer for 15 minutes for each task and then use the last 15 minutes to complete anything that needs to be completed.

SPRING CLEAN – work from top to bottom and left to right on the area you are cleaning and work as quickly as you can. Once your timer goes off, assess where you are at in the process and keep going or move to another task. Once you finish with the time frame you’ve decided on, re-assess and see where you are at in the process. Either go for another round of spring cleaning, save what you can for another day, or call it good. Take 15 minutes to tidy up any unfinished areas.

Here’s your checklist to get started:

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  • DOWNLOAD + PRINT: Once you get the password (you only need to enter your email address in ONE time), grab the Spring Cleaning Checklist on the Free Printables Page – use it as a guide as you’re getting started. Work through the list at your own pace, speed clean your way through it, or pick and choose your spring cleaning priorities.

NEW TO THE CLEAN MAMA ROUTINE?: You might want to grab this printable for a run-down of the Clean Mama Routine.

Happy Spring Cleaning – thanks for joining me this month!

If you’re looking for an in-depth cleaning guide, my brand-new PDF packet, Clean Mama’s Guide to a Clean Home: Finding Peace in Your Routine has amazing checklists, a quick-start guide, DIY cleaning recipes and more. Check it out here.

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