Today I’m sharing my favorite method for washing windows and how to use these window washing tools. This method really is the best – it’s quick, easy and will make your windows shine!

The Best Way to Wash Windows via Clean Mama

The first step to this process is to gather your supplies and get everything all set up.

Set Up for Washing Windows via Clean Mama

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The Best Way to Wash Windows via Clean Mama

Next, you want to put 1 teaspoon of dishwasher powder in a shallow container and add warm water to the powder (so it dissolves).

Step-By-Step Method for Washing Windows via Clean Mama

Then you want to get started with your windows (one at a time).

Don't Forget to Wash Your Window Sills and Casings via Clean Mama

Finishing touches? Here are two ways to make sure your windows are extra bright and sparkly.


In case you’re wondering…..

  • Q: Do I ever spray a window or two and wipe clean or do I always use this method?
  • A: I spray a window or part of a window ALL THE TIME. This method is for seasonal window washing, when you have a house full of windows to wash and you want to move it.

My book, The Organically Clean Home has 3 different recipes for cleaning and washing windows and mirrors – here’s a peek at my favorite all-the-time window and mirror cleaner and you can go here to grab the full recipe.

Sneak Peek Peppermint Window and Mirror Cleaner via Clean Mama

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The Organically Clean Home - Clean Mama

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