Simple Holiday Un-decorating Tips via Clean Mama

Here are my favorite SIMPLE holiday un-decorating tips:

Box up the Christmas Books via Clean Mama

Box up holiday kids’ books – this keeps them special and out of the way the rest of the year. This bin gets stored in a bedroom closet so if it’s needed I can grab it.

Holiday Decoration Storage Tips via Clean Mama

Un-decorating doesn’t always happen in one sitting or afternoon for that matter. If it takes you a bit to un-decorate, plan for it with a basket or bin that you can place items in while taking down the decor.

How about a couple more SIMPLE ideas for holiday storage?

  • group like items with like items – it’s a no-brainer but when you’re sick and tired of decorations and want them out of here, it’s easier to just toss things in a bin and pack it away – don’t.
  • recycle or donate items that you aren’t using anymore
  • burned out lights? fix or get rid of them – don’t hang on to them just in case.
  • carefully pack away ornaments so they don’t get damaged in storage – wrap in tissue or in individual compartments
  • start separating kids ornaments separately so they are sorted for later when they take them to their own homes (sob)
  • need to overhaul your holiday storage? stock up now when it’s on sale!

What’s your BEST idea for holiday storage?