It’s week four of Start Here. – I hope you’re still feeling motivated and like you can do this – because you totally can! If you didn’t see the first post and grab the free printable, go back to the post for the full overview and explanation here. If you want to follow along on Instagram or post your own progress, I’d love it if you used the hash tag #cmstarthere

Start Here.  Cleaning + Organizing Calendar Infographic via Clean Mama

This week the focus is on your CRAFT AREA. If you have a craft bin, drawer, jar, cubby, or an entire dedicated room, you can benefit from the challenge this week. This can be your craft area or your kids’ craft area. Do a little de-cluttering in your craft space today or tomorrow and you’ll be motivated to craft and create. Clutter is distracting and gets in the way of getting things done. Here are a couple ideas for what you can do TODAY or this week to get your craft area (drawer, jar, box, or room) organized.

Organize Your Craft Supplies in 5 Simple Steps via Clean Mama

  1. TOSS or DONATE – The first thing to do when you’re starting any organizing or cleaning project (large or small) is to edit. Take a good look at what you have and decide if there’s anything that isn’t being used, is broken, and can be donated or tossed.
  2. WIPE DOWN – If you’re cleaning out a drawer or shelf, completely empty it and wipe it down. Once you have this space cleaned out, see if it could be organized better or differently.
  3. GROUP – Group like items with like items. Put your fabric together, washi tape, markers, crayons, and paint together. Keeping your items grouped together makes it easier to see what you have and where it belongs.
  4. CONTAIN – Put your supplies together. Recycle boxes, use plastic containers, canning jars, other supplies. Think creatively and try to organize your craft supplies/area without spending money.
  5. LABEL – Use a label maker, write on washi or craft tape, or use pre-cut labels. You can even use a permanent marker and write directly on your container. Labels give uniformity to your supplies and show you (and anyone using the supplies) exactly where the stuff needs to be returned to.

I’ll be back on Wednesday with some craft storage ideas that I use in my home – see you then!

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